Minas Rousouliotis

PhD Thesis: Educational process mining using robots

Email: mrousouliotis [at] aegean [dot] gr

Dimitris Chatzis

PhD Thesis: Interactivity and competition based learning (CBL)

Email: dcharzis [at] aegean [dot] gr


Marios Vasileiou

PhD Thesis: Underwater Robotics

Email: mvasileiou [at] aegean [dot] gr

Νίκος Μάνος 
Προπτυχιακός Φοιτητής
Δραστηριότητα: Σεμινάρια Ρομποτικής 2016-18, Ituro 2015, El Greco I, El Greco II  
E-mail: icsd14116@icsd.aegean.gr

Nikolaos Manos

PhD Thesis: Safe movement of humanoid and other robotic systems

Email: manos [at] aegean [dot] gr