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  • Optical links to connect air passengers securely April 8, 2021
    Flight passengers will be able to connect securely to their families and colleagues on Earth via sophisticated laser systems.
  • ESAIL captures two million messages from ships at sea March 30, 2021
    The ESAIL microsatellite for making the seas safer has picked up more than two million messages from 70 000 ships in a single day.
  • How ESA helps South Africa share water fairly March 22, 2021
    Clustered at the edge of the Crocodile River in Mpumalanga Province, South Africa, stand thousands of farms and small holdings growing fresh fruit and sugar cane. Water to irrigate the crops is taken from the river, but this slows its flow rate and leaves less for those downstream.
  • Wi-Fi on planes boosted by satellite constellation March 19, 2021
    Flight passengers will soon be able to connect to their families and colleagues on Earth via low-orbit telecommunications satellites.
  • Galileo will help Lunar Pathfinder navigate around Moon March 18, 2021
    ESA’s Lunar Pathfinder mission to the Moon will carry an advanced satellite navigation receiver, in order to perform the first ever satnav positioning fix in lunar orbit. This experimental payload marks a preliminary step in an ambitious ESA plan to expand reliable satnav coverage – as well as communication links – to explorers around and […]