Interference Studies

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Electromagnetic emission recording studies, within a specified frequency range, prior to the installation of telecommunications equipment in a specific area are provided. The purpose of this study is to investigate possible problems that may arise in the operation of new telecommunications systems in this area due to interference from existing electromagnetic radiation emissions.

In the first stage, a study of the problem is made, possible sources of electromagnetic radiation are identified in the wider area of ​​interest, the “interference criteria” and the characteristics of the metering equipment required for the measurements are determined and the procedural measurement issues are settled (e.g., ensuring access to the area of ​​interest). In the second stage, measurements of the existing electromagnetic emissions, in the area of ​​interest, of the operating frequencies of the telecommunication equipment to be installed are carried out and following the appropriate methodology to ensure the recording of any signal satisfying the “interference criteria”. At the final stage of the study, the measurement data is processed, the characteristics of the recorded signals are identified, and each of them will cause interference problems. Based on the results of the processing, the final conclusions are drawn on any interference problems that may arise during the operation of the telecommunication equipment to be installed.
The interference study is done with specialized hardware and software for all wireless systems (GSM, UMTS, LTE, 5G, Satellite, LoRa, Wireless Sensor Networks, etc.), while a cover map is provided for all of Greece.

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