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  • AMD’s Next GPU Is a 3D-Integrated Superchip December 6, 2023
    AMD lifted the hood on its next AI accelerator chip, the Instinct MI300, at the AMD Advancing AI event today, and it’s an unprecedented feat of 3D integration. MI300, a version of which will power the El Capitan supercomputer, is a layer-cake of computing, memory, and communication that’s three slices of silicon-high and can sling […]
    Samuel K. Moore
  • IBM Offers Quantum Error Suppression Out Of The Box December 2, 2023
    The error-prone nature of today’s quantum computers can make doing any useful computation on them a major headache. IBM has announced that, as of this past week, they have integrated error suppression technology from Q-CTRL into IBM cloud quantum services, letting users slash error rates by simply flicking a switch. Computers that harness the unusual […]
    Edd Gent
  • Is the Turing Test Dead? November 30, 2023
    When in 1950 Alan Turing first proposed an approach to distinguish the “minds” of machines from those of human beings, the idea that a machine could ever achieve human-level intelligence was almost laughable. In the Turing test—which Turing himself originally called the “imitation game“—human participants conduct a conversation with unknown users to determine if they’re […]
    Sarah Wells
  • Varjo’s New AR Headset Is Built for Secret Labs November 27, 2023
    The Meta Quest 3 is a capable, accessible mixed-reality device. But if you’re a mad scientist working on a secret project in an underground lab, it’s not going to cut it.Finnish headset manufacturer Varjo has a solution: the XR-4, a new generation of flagship mixed-reality headsets built for unusually demanding users. Varjo, based in Helsinki, […]
    Matthew S. Smith
  • What to Do When the Ghost in the Machine Is You November 22, 2023
    Limor Fried is the founder of Adafruit, a leading electronics manufacturer for makers. The open-source microcontroller driver libraries she writes to interface with devices such as sensors and displays often become de facto standards and are found in many code repositories. Recently, Fried began experimenting with ChatGPT to generate drivers and discovered that the AI […]
    Stephen Cass
  • AMD’s Next GPU Is a 3D-Integrated Superchip December 6, 2023
    AMD lifted the hood on its next AI accelerator chip, the Instinct MI300, at the AMD Advancing AI event today, and it’s an unprecedented feat of 3D integration. MI300, a version of which will power the El Capitan supercomputer, is a layer-cake of computing, memory, and communication that’s three slices of silicon-high and can sling […]
    Samuel K. Moore
  • Generating Power on Earth From the Coldness of Deep Space November 25, 2023
    It’s a summer night. On the rooftop of a quiet building, a set of panels cools the rooms within and keeps the lights on, removing heat and generating electricity using the coldness of the sky. That cold isn’t in the air around the building—the night is warm. Rather, the panels reach far beyond Earth’s atmosphere […]
    Sid Assawaworrarit
  • Butterfly-Eyed Sensors Capture UV Images November 24, 2023
    The compound eyes of an insect are structurally very different from that of a human—almost a separate category of organ altogether from the more familiar ocular arrangement of lens, cornea, iris, and retina. For instance, Papillio xuthus, the Asian Swallowtail Butterfly, can see wavelengths of light in the ultraviolet spectrum, far beyond the limits of […]
    Michael Nolan
  • New Watch Motor Seeks to Outsmart the Smartwatch November 17, 2023
    Could the analog quartz wristwatch, a mainstay of the timepiece market for more than half a century, be headed finally for a high-tech makeover? A French startup, SilMach, in Besançon, France, is betting big that it is. The company has used silicon microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) to produce an entirely new wristwatch motor for analog watches […]
    Glenn Zorpette
  • How Will AI Affect the Semiconductor Industry? November 15, 2023
    How is AI going to impact the business of making chips? A panel of semiconductor-company veterans tackled that question last week at Silicon Catalyst’s annual Semi Industry Forum, held in Menlo Park, Calif., on 9 November. The group speculated about how and when AI will upend the way chips are designed and just how strange […]
    Tekla S. Perry
  • Unlocking the connectivity of 5G/6G satellite telecommunications systems November 29, 2023
    ESA is helping to unlock next-generation space connectivity to support communication everywhere and anywhere through the advancement of a new software platform from Aalyria, an innovative young company.
  • Collaboration is key to providing security during crises November 24, 2023
    Representatives of the space industry came together with individuals from ESA member states, user communities and academia on 22-23 November to discuss how space data are being made more secure and accessible in response to an increasing number of crisis situations, such as climate-change related natural disasters.
  • HummingSat: a new chapter in space innovation unveiled November 24, 2023
    ESA and SWISSto12, a leading manufacturer of advanced satellite payloads and systems, have signed a contract for the full development of a new product line of satellites called HummingSat.
  • Europe’s quantum decade extends into space November 14, 2023
    Europe – and the world – is in the midst of the ‘quantum decade’: a period in which the peculiar properties of matter that manifest at the very tiniest of scales are being transformed from mere scientific curiosities into the basis of practical technologies and products. The result? Major leaps forward in communications, navigation, computing […]
  • Satellites deliver 5G-quality connectivity October 19, 2023
    High-speed internet access that delivers video streaming, gaming, and virtual and augmented-reality content via satellites to people living and travelling in remote areas has come a step closer.
  • Ham Radio in Space: Engaging with Students Worldwide for 40 Years November 29, 2023
    In May 2018, a student at Mill Springs Academy in Alpharetta, Georgia, Andrew Maichle, talked to NASA astronaut Scott Tingle on the International Space Station via amateur or ham radio. The experience profoundly affected Maichle, who went on to study electrical engineering at Clemson University in South Carolina. “It was so cool to see in […]
    Andrea Lloyd
  • Aero Engineer Brings NASA into Hawaii’s Classrooms November 28, 2023
    The field of aerial vehicle autonomy focuses on self-reliance, building the flight equivalent of puppets without puppeteers. Behind the scenes, however, is a rich network of people and systems that work together to develop frameworks, test new technologies, and inspire a pipeline of engineers to create the breakthroughs of the future. Encouraging kids to dream […]
    Arezu Sarvestani
  • University of Utah takes top honors in BIG Idea Lunar Forge Challenge  November 21, 2023
    Through Artemis, NASA plans to conduct long-duration human and robotic missions on the lunar surface in preparation for future crewed exploration of Mars. Expanding exploration capabilities requires a robust lunar infrastructure, including practical and cost-effective ways to construct a lunar base. One method is employing in-situ resource utilization (ISRU) – or the ability to use […]
    Stefanie Payne
  • Calling all Eclipse Enthusiasts: Become a NASA Partner Eclipse Ambassador! November 7, 2023
    By Vivian White, Astronomical Society of the Pacific Are you an astronomy enthusiast or undergraduate student with a passion for sharing space science? We are excited to share with you a wonderful opportunity to become an official NASA Partner Eclipse Ambassador and help your community experience the awe and wonder of science.  In this exciting […]
  • Inspiring the Next Generation with Student Challenges and Learning Opportunities November 7, 2023
    Creativity and curiosity are strongly tied to NASA’s missions and vision. Many of the agency’s public opportunities foster these traits by engaging students and educators. Participants of all ages and levels, from kindergarten to college, used their imaginations and enthusiasm to solve open innovation challenges related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education in […]
    Bailey G. Light
  • Boosting Laser Power Will Help Them Blast Drones December 6, 2023
    Ray guns that can blast drones are among the many potential applications envisioned for so-called fiber lasers. Now scientists have discovered a way to boost the power of these lasers by roughly an order of magnitude while preserving high beam quality, a new study finds.Fiber lasers get their name from the materials they use to […]
    Charles Q. Choi
  • Bezos Bucks? Get Ready for Corporate Digital Currency December 1, 2023
    Buying and selling cryptocurrencies is a big business. Bitcoin, for example, processed US $3 trillion worth of transactions in 2021, more than double what American Express did. But most of those transactions were just for speculation. The fraction that involved buying actual stuff (goods and services) is so small that it’s hard to measure. What […]
    Richard Holden
  • A Simpler Means for Visible Light Communication November 28, 2023
    This article is part of our exclusive IEEE Journal Watch series in partnership with IEEE Xplore.Visible light communication systems are great at transmitting torrents of data, but to be widely adopted they must be made as simple as possible. To that end, researchers in China have developed a circuit device, called a VLC equalizer, that […]
    Michelle Hampson
  • Satellite-Sharing Enables Low-Cost Earth Observation November 25, 2023
    In August, Oleksii Kryvobok walked through a green and yellow field of sunflowers south of Kyiv, Ukraine, and measured the harvest’s photosynthetic activity with a device on a tripod. Hundreds of kilometers overhead, the EOS SAT-1 satellite, launched by Kryvobok’s employer, EOS Data Analytics (EOSDA), in Mountain View, California, was making the same measurements from […]
    Lucas Laursen
  • Dark Matter Data Saved Via Parachute November 21, 2023
    A NASA high-altitude balloon flight earlier this year served as reminder of an ever-important lesson: Always back up your data. In April in Wānaka, New Zealand, researchers launched the Super Pressure Balloon Imaging Telescope, or SuperBIT, a balloon-based telescope that aimed to gather data on dark-matter distribution by imaging colliding galaxies. SuperBIT floated at the […]
    Gwendolyn Rak